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 Windy's Trial-Mod Application O.o

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Windy's Trial-Mod Application O.o Empty
PostSubject: Windy's Trial-Mod Application O.o   Windy's Trial-Mod Application O.o I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 2:49 am

Full name: Sam Asem
In game name: Windyb7b
Age: 15
Time Zone : Gmt+2
Experience with plugins: : I have my Own Server ,I am Oped IN 2 servers Really good IN running the server
& keeping it alive .

Commands That i know :kick ,ban ,unban ,op ,deop ,invsee, fly, gm, set time, tell , whitelist ,//wand ,//set ,/we ,/we Help , manuadd , Mangaddp , mangdelp , gamemode 1,0 , stop ,debug ,mute , /hat
Someone is spamming,what do you do?: Mute for 10 sec If he use caps allot mute for 15 or then Kick.
You see someone hacking, what do you do?: Ip banned Because he might Join with other account.
Basic commands you know: Kick , mute , jail , ban ,unban ,tp ,tpa .
Time playing on the server: Two Dayz [today I only played 14 min \(^.^)/ But looking forward to be every day about 3-5hours on The server .
Have you even been banned/jailed on this server?: I don't Think so . No .
Other commands: Fly ,kill ,killall ,//hsphere ,nick .

Thank You for Reading My Application & i wish I can Join You As a Moderator .
I have playing minecraft for 3 years Now Very Happy So I really have Experience cheers

Once again Thank You .
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Windy's Trial-Mod Application O.o
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