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 Format for Trial-Mod

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PostSubject: Format for Trial-Mod   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:04 am


You want to apply for staff I see?

Well, you need to fill in the format.


Full name:
In game name:
Time zone:
Experience with plugins:
Commands you know:
Someone is spamming, what do you do?:
You see someone hacking, what do you do?:
Basic commands you know:
Time playing on the server:
Have you even been banned/jailed on this server?:
If so, why?:
Other commands:

Staff is a trusted rank. Only mature people are gonna be accepter.


1. You are AT LEAST 14
2. You've played more then 2 days
3. You've never been banned before.
4. You've helped people.


1. You shall NOT] abuse your rank.
2. You shall NOT spawn stuff and sell them.
3. You shall NOT spawn stuff for other people.
4. You shall follow the normal rules.
5. You shall NOT ignore the owner.
6. You shall NOT troll around.

Inactivity = Demote.
Not helping = Demote.
Abusing = Ban+demote
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Format for Trial-Mod
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